How TrendyWriters started?

Shalini Pillai is a content writer and a digital marketing professional, who create marketing contents that your customer will love. Her passion for writing and interacting with people not only serve the client’s writing needs but also helps in creating the brand name with the power of the written word.

She strives to provide well-crafted content, meaningful, interacting, creative content free from plagiarism and grammatical error. Her aims for excellence in every content writing services and enjoys doing writing business with every type and size of the company.

She has talent and the spare time so she utilized it on her passion for content writing. Writing content became her obsession, and, she started trendy writers.

Her work is to take the pressure off you by choosing the right words and expression to grow your business. Why waste time when you have an option to select trendy writers for all your content writing services. You can hire her services and get the job done that can convert leads and generate revenue.

The world is a small place and writing connects us all.

Mention below are key points through which, her writing services help the clients :
* Publish content to keep the audience engaged
* Publish high-quality content to keep the audience
* Helps in getting better search engine rankings by providing keyword-centric contents
* Helps in selecting the right social media platform to promote and publish your content
* Creates a brand voice and maintains a regular persona across channels.

The Background

With more than 12+ years of combined industry experience working in the Primary and secondary marketing sector, financial sector and a Fortune 500 digital marketing company. She has a master degree (MBA) and is fluent in the language of business.




We have a good team of experienced content and digital marketers, who can help you with your required content and online internet marketing services. The Trendywriters team members can provide a good quality of work at the deadline time.

Our team is an expert in creating relevant content customized as per your specifications–for blogs, press releases, articles, product description, social media etc, we do everything!

The trendywriters team will work with you to research content ideas that connect your companies objectives and potential audience.

our talented team of passionate writers and digital marketer love to produce creative content that audience would love!